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Erin Applebee
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
Artist residing in Adelaide, South Australia, constantly searching for inspiration and whimsical ways to express my creativity.
For a while I was using free textures that I found on the internet, but I was inspired by a couple of my favourite photographers to start taking my own .I have used other artist stock images and textures for a long time that they provide for free and so I feel that its fitting that I should do the same.

All the images provided in my texture packs are at 300 dpi so great for if your making prints of your work.

You can find all my STOCK TEXTURES HERE.

In return of using my textures all I ask is that you adhere to the CC license provided below & Share your final image with me:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Happy Creating
This is a series I've wanted to create for a while, a series inspired by stories whether it be folklore, myths or legends or just original stories.

This series has evolved into something that I am inspired by, I kept my first couple of images fairly simple because I didn't want to distract from the characters themselves but I love the way they have that painterly style.

The Painted Lady by erinapplebee

'The Painted Lady ' and 'Antheia's' original inspiration came from butterflies 'The Painted Lady' is named after a species of butterfly and 'Antheia' is named after the goddess of nature and animals.

Antheia by erinapplebee

My inspiration came from a meridian of places and it's an idea I have had In my head for sometime. It has slowly evolved over time, I wanted to create some pieces for this idea, that being the antler headdress and a necklace to match which I ended up using separately.

My idea ended up very different in the end from some of my original ideas but its still something that I'm happy with.

The Snow Queen by erinapplebee

'The Snow Queen' was inspired by both Hansen Christian Anderson's story and 'The White Witch' from C S Lewis's Narnia stories. I created this and the previous to on a simple white backdrop and the rest is all editing. For this particular image I added in cool tones and stock images to add a winter feel.

I created nails, lashes and a wig for this piece.
through out this series I have wanted to keep some elements similar to tie it altogether that being the vintage wedding dress that I used and keeping the characters blonde.

A Neverending Story by erinapplebee

For 'A Neverending Story' I was inspired by books by including bookplates in this image I wanted to create a sense that she was dreaming of a Never ending story.

This piece was a little more complex to put together I used mostly my own stock images and added in others in for the background and butterflies because I didn't have anything that fit.

I've been loving experimenting with the nix collection I know some people are hesitant to use it but I'm all for a creative tool like this.
I like to do it in stages adding new layers of effects so that I can go back it I make a mistake so that it's not as distructive to my work.

I use it to add colour effects, contrast and other creative effects like textures or boken.

There is still more to come in this series I still have a couple of images planned but I don't want to give to much away.

Keep following my work here or via my website.
It has been a very long time since I posted a blog post on my page, but I wanted to talk about my latest work in which I've been exploring the world of photo manipulation and fine art photography.
I've been interested in photography as long as I can remember and since I was in my late teens I know I've wanted to do something more with it something creative, I've always wanted to be an Artist and Storyteller and I feel like I'm finally at a point where I have the motivation to create the art I want. 

I have been following fineart photographer Brooke Shaden for a while now and purchased one of her courses on creative live at the end of last year after being inspired to learn more about compositing images, when I was required to do some as part of my graphic design course. I have learnt a lot from her course and can't believe how much better my work has gotten since doing that assignment, even now I still feel like I'm learning new things when I go back an re-watch it. I have found it easier to be inspired with ideas that I know have the confidence to go create.

I have created a few series that I am using as inspiration for my work you can find them in my gallery, the first is 'Nightmares & Dreamscapes' which is inspired by my struggle with having a mental illness, 'The Storyteller Collection' inspired by Fairytales and Fantasy, and 'The lyrics Collection' inspired by Songs, lyrics and poems.

Below you will find my latest piece called 'Safety' which is part of my 'Nightmares & Dreamscapes' series, I've included my influences for this piece and some song lyrics in which inspired the name.

Safety by erinapplebee
'Safety' - 'Nightmares & Dreamscapes' Collection

'Living with Anxiety is a constant struggle, a few months ago when I started a this new journey with my photography I knew that I wanted to create images that reflected what its like to suffer from anxiety.

This image just kind of happened by accident I was playing around with some new items I purchased for my photography and originally I had planned on compositing myself into a suitcase but I felt that it would take away from this image.

To me this image represents what its like for a lot of people who suffer from a mental illness what ever that might be, the constant struggle with yourself and things that cause you anxiety make you want to retreat into your safe place and leave those things behind.
My other idea behind this project is to help myself deal with my anxiety and work towards a much healthier future.'


in the words of Fireflight -

All alone, alone you float
Can anybody see you
You're a ghost
Do they know the pain you hide
Do they know the pain you hide
Cry for help, reaching out
Can anybody hear you when you shout
Are you hidden from their eyes
Are you hidden from their eyes
I see you

In the light, in the dark
I will be your bleeding heart
Cause when you need me
I'll be your safety
I'll be your safety
Like a fire, running wild
Can't contain what's deep inside
Ready to break free
I'll be your safety
I'll be your safety

House of cards, you fell apart
Feels like you were falling from the start
And now the walls are caving in
Now the walls are caving in
Take a breath, take my hand
It doesn't really matter where we land
I'll be there to help you stand
I'll be there to help you stand
I'll hold you

Song lyrics by Fireflight.
  • Listening to: Florence + the machine


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